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Like yourself, your car needs an ocassional check up. The best way to ensure that your car stays in perfect driving conditions is to visit the auto shop once in a while. Don't wait until the last minute to service your car. Bring it in as soon as you feel anything "funny" or "different". We want to get you on the road and keep you there, so stop by on your day off and let us take care of you and your vehicle. 

30, 60, 90K SERVICES


  • Filter Replacement

  • Fluid Check/Replacement/Topping Off (brake, coolant, transmission, etc.) 

  • Tire Rotation and Pressure Check

  • Oil Change

  • Timing Belt Inspection

  • Brake Servicing

Tip: Make sure not to wait too much after you reach any of the 30, 60, or 90K milestones. We will check your vehicle for all of the above services.



Many of us tend to blame the engine when our car begins to fails without considering that the transmission might be the problem. Any strange feelings in the shifting of the car or accelaration can usually be traced back to the transmission. Make sure to tell us when, if applicable, your car was last serviced. 

Tip: Check the dipstick at least twice a month! Excessive darkness or a burnt smell can sometimes indicate it's time to give us a quick visit



The coolant fluid helps your engine be kept within a certain temperate for optimal performace. In the winter the coolant keeps your engine warm and in the summer time it cools it down. Fluids in your car can be contaminated with debris and need to be changed as soon as possible. In some instances if the coolant fluid is not changed your car can overheat and can cause unnecesary damage to your vehicle.


Tip: Some vehicles need specific coolant fluid. Always refer to your owners manual to determine which type and how often your vehicle's coolant should be replaced. 

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