We know you have a dream car, we all have them. We've had our fair share of car projects and whether its just for consultation or for service feel free to bring your project to us. We want to help you build that dream car. Our technicians all have experience with classic cars and have restored a few beauties of their own. If there is anyone you can trust with your car it's a fellow classic car enthusiast. Don't be afraid to mention that rusting project when you come in we might be able to give you a few tips for that dream car. We are more than happy to work as a team with you on the road with a car that only you could think up. These are a few of the cars we have had the opportunity to work with.

Are any of the project cars for sale?

Yes! Most of our customers consider selling their cars. Call (619) 944-1112 or email for more information and a personalized quote. 

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